Choreographer, dancer and DJ from Madrid; half Ecuadorian, half North American and born in Spain.

Her work navigates between dance, choreography and sound practices. Laura is interested in creating artistic research contexts and rethinking the spaces that already exist for them. Conceives choreography as an experimental framework in which I can think and practice, together with other people, a subjectivity within an expanded framework where to entangle and experiment with ideas and practices.

In 2011 she graduated in physical theater at the Royal School of Dramatic Art and years later she studied Expanded Theatricalities-Body and Democracy in the context of the Master in scenic practice and visual culture of ARTEA and the Reina Sofía Center of Art Contemporary Museum.

Her studies in dance and choreography are developed in schools like the Martha Graham School of contemporary dance and Merce Cunningham in New York or SNDO (School of New Dance Development) in Amsterdam.

Since 2014 she has been part of the Twins Experiment collective in which she develops, together with Ainhoa Hernandez, a work that has a lot to do with care, life, affections and horizontality. Her first

piece: HOW IS A PERFORMANCE MADE?, premiered in 2015 and has been shared on sites such as the Antic Teatre, Zeitraumexit, or La Casa Encendida. Their second piece called CONVERSACIÓN: HABITACIÓN O MORADA, awarded with a Choreographic Creation Aid and a residency at the Canal dance center has been presented at the CPR (Center for Performing Research) in New York,Uruguay, Argentina and selected within the INJUVE Creation Program. And for their third piece called everlasting softness they were part of artists in residence at La Casa Encendida and Ca2m and residents at the Canal Dance Center, premiering this work in Montevideo.

Apart from her work as a choreographer, she develops spaces for collective thought and study such as EL CLUB or MOVLAB.

She has shown her works in contexts like Mercat de les flors, Festival Grec, Center for Performance Research NY, Tanzquartier AUST, Arqueologías del Futuro ARG, Museo del Chopo MEX, Zeitraumexit DE, Festival La Becquée FR, Antic Teatre BCN, La Casa Encendida MAD, Naves de Matadero Madrid MAD, CA2M MAD, Conde Duque MAD and Performing Arts Forum FR. She has collaborated (and collaborates) with artists such as María Jerez, Cris Blanco, Xavier Le Roy, Marten Spångberg, Adriano Wilfert, Sara Manubens, Esther Rodriguez Barbero, Andrea
Zavala Folache, Lucas Condró, Claudia Pagès, Quim Bigas, Javi Cruz or Aitana Cordero and more.

Since 2019 she is a member of the team of the education and mediation department of Reina Sofía Center of Art Contemporary Museum. She already has ten years of experience in teaching behind her, having taught regular classes in different professional trainings, masters, laboratories and workshops in cities such as New York, Brussels, France or Madrid.

Currently, she is busy with her project called serenity rave, that is what she called her artistic practice. serenity rave is a place, a heartbeat, something that is not visible but is present. It is a space in which time does not exist as we conceive it. It would be something like a suspension that remains, that does not crystallize, and that in itself can mutate to open up the multiple possibilities that we can find in what we still do not know and that, perhaps, frightens us. Delve into that time of continuity, an almost forgotten cultism that refers to the time of night when everything is silent; when there is that almost deafening stealth in which everyone sleeps and we can enter ourselves just before everything starts again.