In this performative piece, which is framed between dance and sound, a journey of physical, personal and intimate transformation is sought. A transformation within a choreographic structure: putting the body into a choreographic structure that deals with the concepts of landscape and ambiguity.

A space is proposed in which the landscape here is a place of transformation because it is always constantly changing. Given that we live in a changing world made up of identities in constant movement and with the ability to coexist simultaneously, this performance, through movement and the generation of sound, proposes a meeting space for the spectator in which there is movement perpetual of a changing landscape that somehow blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination. On the other hand, the ambiguity sought in this work is based on the insistence of a continuous movement that never ends and therefore does not crystallize in a specific image, thus promoting intermediate states in the body that are unusual to see.

A WOMAN BECOMES A GIRL BECOMES AN ANIMAL BECOMES AN OBJECT is one body in constant movement, which seeks intermediate and non-categorizable states as spaces of relationship with the public and with itself, which works in the encounter with the sound to pay attention to the abstract and unrecognizable without making sense of it.

A journey of physical, personal and intimate transformation. A place to find a way to generate a choreographic structures with a landscape where to deal with these concepts.

The landscape here is a space of transformation because it is constantly changing.Here is a space of transformation, my transformation

Concept, choreography and DJ set: Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh
Dancer: Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh
Support by: L’estruch fabrica de creacio and Musibéria Art Space
Duration: 45 mins