Andrea Zavala Folache and Laura Ramírez Ashbaugh came together with the common of having traced a career in the performing arts and of thinking of dance and choreography as a tool for change - personal and political - in contemporary artistic practice. For them, the change lies in trying to slide the idea of two individual subjects towards a collective feminist practice that is subject thanks to mutual support from difference and influence, understood as the action and result of influencing without controlling the product.

To research this, we work with the concept of disappearing. We believe that learning to disappear is giving way to something important that occurs more in our relationship - as a responsible medium for an environment - and less in ourselves as consumable identities. We want to authorize our work in company to learn to support ourselves in artistic creation, and for this, we choose to support ourselves as mediators of everything that can emerge in the choreography of disappearing. Putting care at the center of our methodology and in the practice of the here and now is taking care of oneself in the collective processes of transformation.

_hacia el sporte is a long term project with Andrea Zavala Folache since 2018