It is a space for study and laboratory whose main objective is to be able to transfer and share my physical practice in which I have been immersed for the last seven years and see what happens to other bodies, how it affects them and turn this so much mine into a collective space.

The idea of this laboratory is to propose a collective practice in which you can transfer the physical and creative materials so that the participants take ownership of it, giving it the meaning they consider and contributing to an ephemeral community that will emerge during the days that let's be together and then it will dissolve like mist. I will act as a medium between the practice and the group and over time we will find the porosities that the work has and how it can be transformed into what we are capable of perceiving together.

Throughout the sessions we will enter this atmosphere from the body, the sound of techno and electronics, the disjointed dances, and the observation and listening of the architecture that surrounds us; we will surrender to the idea of stillness about the physical body as a possibility of dance, we will meditate through the beat of the music and we will train the perception in invisible things and bodies. We will make space a mist where we can write letters to unknown recipients, dance as if the dance were an infinite movement, observe those things that are not seen and generate a community while sustaining our singularity. For this we will move a lot, we will try to tell what happened through letters that could well be love or recording, we will have DJ sessions played by me live while we release the residue of everything that remains in the body and that has been experienced during the sessions.

This has happened in Reina Sofía Art Center Museum, EXLIMITE Theater, and in 2023 in Pradillo Theater.


At the end of 2020, I was invited by the education area of the Reina Sofía Art Center Museum to propose serenity rave research to a group of young people between 18 and 21 years old in 2021/2022. The museum space went through this process of strengthening practice and also turning it into something scenic. I am very interested in delving into these spaces for their atmospheres, memories, liminal spaces, and places that dance can occupy and relate to architecture through the very concept that I am investigating.

On the other hand, the cultural mediation group La Liminal, invite me to their project We left the night that is formulated in a walk through the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid crossed by serenity rave. Three things focus there: the buildings, the topography of the neighborhood and memory. All this is formulated in a guided walk in which we dance, read, and listen to fictional meditations on the possibility of a city in ruins and dance again.

In December 2022 I am one of the choreographers that is part of the Radicantes festival that takes place in the IVAM modern art museum. This invitation puts me in direct contact with the students of the Articulacions study program in artistic theories and practices and where I will continue to question the connections of my physical practice with the museum.

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SALIVA - study group

Taking part in this group is an invitation to study alongside us, as we understand that in order to be accomplices we must train in this practice.
The lines that will run through the meetings, based on texts and exercises, are: other ways of creating meaning and sensibilities, a questioning of the erotic capacity of practice and thought –interpreting

the erotic as a power that circulates around ideas and bodies–, and hapticality as the capacity to feel with and through others.

The dancer and choreographer Laura Ramírez Ashbaugh will accompany the sessions by sharing a range of training exercises and practices that will prepare the body for each day’s session. Valentina Desideri and Denise Ferreira da Silva will take part in one of the sessions with their joint practice Poethical Readings. And some of the guests to the programme of public activities will attend the study group to share intuitions and strategies.

Involved in the study group: Laura Ramírez, Valentina Desideri and Denise Ferreira da Silva, Lendl Barcelos and Ameen Mettawa, Andrea Rodrigo and Ainhoa Hernández.


Curator of a research project involving the construction of group practices through movement, body and thoughts in La Casa Encendida (Madrid) since 2014. In the last three years, the project had the collaboration of choreographers like Aitana Cordero, Paz Rojo, Pablo Esbert, Andrea Zavala, Lucas Condró, María Jerez, Ana Buitrago and others.


It is a physical practice, an encounter, a place to experience.

We will use the concept of Landscape or landscape as a starting point for a body investigation around the perception and ambiguity of the body, detaching ourselves from the habits to address new ways of doing. It is a physical, intimate and transformative work.

I propose intimacy as the proximity between things, between bodies. So I would like to talk about privacy as a method of mapping the world. This conception can be a new way of working with space, thus producing new ways of organization and relationship.

This laboratory has been shared at Festival La Bequee, summer labs in Porspoder, Caixa Forum and ECE School.