Esther’s work looks to disassemble the existing hierarchy between the preconceived positions of subject and object, proposing a new role-play based on a mostly fictitious narrative. Within the work, she understands all organisms (inert and living) as equal bodies which can interact, mutate and feel autonomously, but also escape. They pass between one body and the next, they partly shield, but they also have holes; potential barriers but also potentials apertures to reach the other side, the next body. This interest responds to the complex relationship and the interdependence between formerly separated volumes as she imagines new speculative and fantastic scenes and species.

Her practice pays constant attention to the notions of accident, growth and fragility, which respond to the urgent social climate of the situation we are living in. This new realism is created as a potentiality to destabilise actual modes of living. She develops these ideas through a variety of mediums often triggered by text and followed by incorporating performative wearables, architectural quotation and a core of bodily lumps, skins and liquids. These pieces are activated in a slow narrational manner which unfolds and alters through the potential performativity brought in by particular agents, through collaboration with other disciplines such as choreographers and musicians, and the public.

Dance video installation: Clenching fists; eating ice cream.

Activation of the installation: I broke out of silk walls for you.

Activation of the installation: holding me, aprieta bien el puño y un rato más