Multiscreen 01 documents the impulse of a body that needs to see itself, reflect, move, crawl, study, and recognize. References to living arts and the notion of the fourth wall mesh with image ontology and self-representation in this visual and sound experiment. The creation and development of Multiscreen 01 is a meeting between the gaze and matter: artistic practice confined within digital media, bodies framed by the screen and performed through bytes. Various disciplines converge, mediated by the collective imagination of the digital devices, the scene being an ordinary computer desktop, choreographed by the mouse arrow. The result is a digital performance that is both a visual essay and the instinct of self-representation; it is a game of mirrors between the webcam’s mechanical eye and the viewers visiting Museu Picasso.

Concept, choreography and sound: Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh
Dancer: Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh
Voice: Andrea Zavala Folache
Duration: 7:06 mins