Twins Experiment was founded in 2014 and is led by Ainhoa Hernández and Laura Ramírez. Is a choreographic collective where we develop work that has a lot to do with friendship, life, and affection. It materializes in scenic pieces, laboratories, and a reading club.

Ainhoa and Laura. Madrileñas. Twins. We were separated at birth and reunited in 2014. Together we are Twins Experiment.

Together we make playlists, lists, drawings, plans, collages, stickers, clubs, and pieces. Also, we dance, sleep, devise games and sometimes we share a flat. Twins, we are two and collective. We work from affectivity, telepathy, and horizontality. To be Twins allows us to take risks that we would not take alone, together we become superheroins.


As an artistic duo, we address the practice of friendship in close relation to the question of how to live together. Being a friend implies a commitment, a decision, a responsibility, and complicity. To be friends means to act as a support structure. We explore this question through several hours of woven togetherness.

We work in the choreography field understanding it as an expanded concept. Our focus is on the potentialities that choreography has in itself and in the research of its dispositifs. We believe that the body has access to another kind of perception with which we can build a language.

Our works try not to resolve issues but rather present them in their integral entanglement. We like our collective to be flexible, mutable, and porous, to not be established in a binomial structure which would enclose our identity.