serenity rave

(the solo)

serenity rave is a place, a heartbeat, something that is not visible but is present. It is a space in which time does not exist as we conceive it. It would be something like a suspension that remains, that does not crystallize, and that in itself can mutate to open up the multiple possibilities that we can find in what we still do not know and that, perhaps, frightens us. Delve into that time of continuity, an almost forgotten cultism that refers to the time of night when everything is silent; when there is that almost deafening stealth in which everyone sleeps and we can enter ourselves just before everything starts again.

Some time ago I read that serenity is the humidity that permeates the atmosphere overnight and it seemed like the perfect image to describe what I would like to provoke. serenity rave is a sort of continuity in which I decide to stay before everything wakes up.

Reasons or self-centered subjects are not allow, but responsible articulations, affected bodies, descending, space for movement, trust, care and tuning are.

Generate a crack in time, a crater, like that of a volcano. Imagine that past, present and future come together and invoke dancing all these times together, becoming one, which remains sustained. Here we are in a reality that has cracked and in which the metaphor has become a concept: I am not here and at the same time, I am radically here.

A practice where the body gets moved by multiple power sources. A body that relates and transforms with every breath. The dance is continuously composed and decomposed, giving the impression that the body always takes on different forms and is composed of new substances, aligning or deviating from the elements which compose the scene. It explores the body as a malleable and changing material, transforming space into a place in a process of constant transformation.

serenity rave is a place where the body as such is an ambiguous territory that makes us perceive another possible world in which dance acts as a medium.

Concept, choreography and art direction: Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh

Dancer: Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh
Sound: Paciencia
Light design: Cristina Bolívar
Space: Esther Merinero and Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh
Duration: 30 mins

With the support of La Poderosa + Fabra i Coats, Choreographer Grant for Makers of Comunidad de Madrid, Nieves Fernandez Gallery and  Bulthaup Madrid.