silent rave

For this project I start with the question: if serenity rave spoke, what would it say?

Exploring the texts of Restless by Kenneth Goldsmith, The Wild Girls by Ursula K Le Guin and The Hour of the Star by Clarice Lispector I found how voices went through me. The project is a mixture of words and mine that I use to generate a text in which all these voices are mixed. They are a dance in themselves. A way of dancing speaking in which the night is present in which, as Emily Dickinson said in a letter, think of darkness as a space for the absent presence of the animal, as a place of intuition and encounter with the Other.

This device is simple: a microphone, some green laser beams and a techno music track that I mix with non-human sounds of soft stuff while I read this text out loud for 25mins without stopping.

Concept, choreography and sound: Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh
Dancer: Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh
Text from: Ursula K le Guin, Clarice Lispector, Keneth Goldsmith and Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh
Light design: Lorenzo García-Andrade
Duration: 25 mins